Setting up this module, enable it on all pages in the MENU position, and this is the essential top bar.

It has several neat options. Here is where you set the sticky option, the menu options, the logo text or the logo image. Setting the bootstrap nav module to 100% wide lets you take advantage of the entire width of your screen or page. 

When using submenu's the parent menu cannot be linked to a page. If you use a sub menu, the main menu will act as an anchor to the submenu's. Same goes for submenu's with grandchildren. 

Be aware of this! 

Available options

Select menu
Select the menu you want to show in the navbar

Base item
Base menu item

Sub navigation
Allow subnavigation?

Navigation type
Navbar (horizontal) Listgroup (vertical)

Menu fixed, if so, where?

Float navbar
Float your menu to left or right

100% width
Use the entire page width for the navbar

Colors parent menu

Top padding menu
Padding menu and search. Use is logo is higher than 45px

Navbar RGBA background color
Set RGBA background color of this option (e.g. 255,255,255,1)

Show nav bgcolor on scroll
If yes, then the default is transparent, if scrolled, the color is shown (only homepage)

Text color
Color for this element

Active background color
Color for this element

Active text color
Color for this element

Colors dropdown menu

Color for this element

Color for this element

Active BG color
Color for this element

Active text color
Color for this element

Logo settings 

Branding type
Text or logo

Brand logo
upload image

Brand text
Editor field for editing your Logo text.

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