What license do we use?
We use GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2 in all of our extensions, which is the authoritative. 

Will my extensions stop working after my subscription expires?
No they will not. They are yours for life.

Can i keep my products after my subscription expires?
Yes, you most certainly can keep using our extensions for however long as you like, even after your subscription has expired. But, for updates and technical support from us, you'll need to renew your subscription.

Can i get a refund?
No you cannot get a refund. The products are digital, and due to their type, and the fact that they are easily copied, we cannot provide a refund.


What kind of support do you get?
We provide clear and intuitive documentation for all of our extensions, as well as video tutorials on the basics. We also have an advanced ticket support system in place, allowing you to report problems directly and get our assistance ASAP. We have office hours mon-fri 0900-1700 CEST.

Who can get support?
Clubmembers are entitled to support. 

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