Publish this module in the SHOWCASE position, on all pages, or just the homepage.

You can setup the background color-image and the text ( Header and slogan) with a CTA button also. You can even set a transparent background for the text, making it readable on your background image.

Setting the top padding and variable height of this module enables you to set it up just as you like!

Available options:

Module class suffix
add css to your element

Show text
Easy: show text or not

Header Text
The h1 tag for the elment 

Paragraph text
The paragraph text for the element

Center text
Center text? if not, you can align the text in the editor

Heading text color
H1 color text

Paragraph text color
Paragraph color text

Show button
Show a button?

Button Text
The text for the button

Button Link
The link for this button

Button class
The class for the button, see bootstrap website for available classes ( btn btn-primary, btn btn-secondary, btn btn-success, btn btn-danger ETC)

Foreground image
The foreground image 

Foreground image width
Image width in pixels

Background image
The background image, this is set to 100% of the element. place this module in the positions showcase and it is fullscreen

Amount in pixels or vh (add px or vh to value: eg 100px or 91vh) for height module

Top padding
Amount in pixels or vh (add px or vh to value: eg 100px or 91vh) for content top padding

RGBA background for text
RGBA background text color, like - 255,255,255,0.7 -

Background color
if no image is used, this color will be shown

Show animated arrow
This shows an animated arrow down. Only use if you use this module fullpage. (heigh to 91vh or more) 

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